Uzalo : Nkunzi will finish with Mageba click here

Nkunzi wants to kill mageba because he realised that if he does not act fast, mageba might come and kill him, mageba tried to attack him, but unfortunately he killed phelelani by mistake and sabhuza felt sad about it.


Nkunzi’s intention is to finish with Mageba but unfortunately they just scratch him with a gun,so kotini just lost his life in the war, Sabhuza just came back to fight after Nkunzi told him to run and never look back, Mageba and kotini notice that sabhuza knew something that is why he received a call and disappeared .

Mageba started the war the moment he wants to kill Nkunzi’s wife,it was like he underestimate him on top of that he called Nkunzi to come and help him to kill his wife.

Nkunzi’s plan was perfect, but it nearly fails after a security notice Sbu,but Sbu eventually managed to lie to him so that he could understand and let them in, it was a bad idea to make a Sbu drive because even kotini notice him before Mageba did.

Pampani notice that Nkunzi is about to do something stupid but mondli keep telling him that he is suspended,so he can’t listen to him, pampani put his life at risk because he might die this time.

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