Uzalo: Find out who might be responsible for Nomaswazi’s death

Nkunzi might be responsible for Nomaswazi’s death because currently mamba tried to contact him trying to tell him that Nomaswazi is trying to do an investigation, because he refused to tell her the truth and warn her not to proceed with investigation because her father was involved with many dangerous men.

So Mamba was a scared because he does not want the truth to come out, Vika and Njinji also knows the truth, but they don’t want to tell Nomaswazi, remember Vika was always trying to work with Nkunzi so that he could finish with him, but Nkunzi refused because he knows exactly what he did to Magwaza so he thinks that it might be a trap.





The Reason why Vika and njinji does not want to tell Nomaswazi they know she might do things with anger and ended dead.