Umndeni: This Was Noticed About Dabula And Maseko At The Party

This week’s episode had to show the viewers a different side to what they are already used to and one would say that it did exactly that.

There was never a close up to the cast’s personal lives, but recently, we got to know more about MaMkhulu and on the latest episode, we were introduced to some of the Maseko children. And the viewers are probably waiting for that one episode that will mostly be about Dabula.

It seems like the viewers are not too sure if they still want to see more of the show and this comes after the show failed to continue with the storyline about Maseko and his side chick, Kim.

Things got interesting for just one episode and we do not know what ended up happening because even after the altercation that MaMkhulu and Dabula had with Maseko, they still forgave him. They moved on like nothing happened and the viewers just had questions about that.

On the latest episode, MaMkhulu and Dabula once again had a problem with their husband, but it was for something different this time around. Clearly, Maseko is not the type of man who gives his wives money as they think he should, he was even referred to as someone who is stingy.

As you might have seen on the latest episode, the Masekos were planning a party for one of the children and there were some problems with the payments. Maseko did not give MaMkhulu enough money for her to pay the DJs and other service providers.

Apparently, he was giving MaMkhulu money bit by bit and this was not helping the situation because the people were complaining about not getting paid.

Maseko’s focus was on other things, it turns out that he was out to buy car parts when he was supposed to keep track of what is happening regarding the preparation of the party.

Even after everything was taken care of, Maseko still had the viewers talking about him, they mentioned that his dance moves at the party were inappropriate.

As for Dabula, the viewers noticed that she did not take the spotlight this time, instead we saw Maseko and MaMkhulu dancing like no one’s business. Maseko had a spiderman costume on and this was the first time that the viewers got to see him and MaMkhulu dance.

Even though viewers thought that they took it too far with the dance moves, it was still a good party and hopefully, the children enjoyed it as much as the adults did.