“Ubuntu abusekho”___Albany girl’s uncle says the bread company didn’t pay them.

Lethkukhanye Mjaji, a.k.a. Miss Albany’s uncle, is a commercial photographer from KwaNongidi in KwaZulu-Natal. He just bravely addressed the bread company on X that didn’t compensate them.

Lethkukhanye Mjaji, then three years old, shot to fame overnight when her uncle Lungisani Mjaji shared adorable images of her holding an Albany bread loaf online, winning the hearts of many South Africans.



According to The Citizen, Albany visited the little girl with gifts, loaves of bread and more. Umuziwabantu Municipality is said to have also handed over a cheque worth R5000 to Lethukukhanya. Parmalat also revealed on social media that they would sending the little girl 100 litres of custard.The uncle of the little girl recently revealed on X that he and his niece supposedly did not get paid “from that thing.” Lungisani stated he is still taking amazing pictures and disclosed that he does his best to provide for the child.

“We received no compensation from that Albany thing. Let’s dispel the notion that we gained anything from it. We’ve moved on, we’re creating, and I trust that God will guide our path. I’ll personally support the child with what little I have,” he said. “Ubuntu abusekho [there is no more ubuntu],”

Mysterious good Samaritan BI Phakathi who is best known for his viral videos where he can be seen dashing strangers in need with loads of cash has also jumped in and used his influence to call out the bread brand. BI Phakathi decided to use his popular social media platform to urge Albany Bread to “do the right thing”.