TV presenter Twasa bags a postgraduate diploma

LEGENDARY TV presenter Twasa recently completed her postgraduate diploma in business administration.

Twasa, whose real name is Seipati Seoke, told Daily Sun she was relieved when she found out she was graduating.

“School can sometimes be intense and heavy, as half of the time you doubt whether you will make it or not.

“So finding out I will be graduating was a big relief.”She said obtaining the qualification wasn’t easy.

“So finding out I will be graduating was a big relief.”

She said obtaining the qualification wasn’t easy.Although it was no walk in the park, Twasa said she would study further if given the opportunity.

“I feel I have a few glass ceilings to break. The journey of learning never stops.

“It stops the day you lose your curiosity.

“I took a business-related course as I have a keen interest in business and I am curious to learn how to create effective systems,” she said.

Known for presenting Jam Alley, Twasa now hosts Lesedi FM’s breakfast show.

“My journey in the entertainment industry has been amazing and presenting the breakfast show on Lesedi FM for the past three years has been exciting and a breath of fresh air for me.

“I get excited every time I think about that girl child who gets to listen to women on the biggest time slots on radio, so that they can imagine themselves at the pinnacle of any industry they desire to pursue.”

Twasa hoped to build the kind of legacy that would inspire generations after us.

Asked if she would ever return to the small screen, Twasa said: “Anything is possible as long as I am alive.

“I live a life of possibilities, but I also live a life of planning and doing things in order. So yes, you’ll see me again on your screens,” she said.