Tshidi From Generation Allegedly Fails To Pay 2K Restaurant Bill, Her Wife Runs Away

According to the link that will be provided at the end of the article, the popular actress Letoya Makhene known as Tshidi Moroka from Generation allegedly fails to pay for two thousand bill. It looks like Letoya went out with her wife Lebo to fire room restaurant, they had their fun but it turns out that Letoya needed a little help with the bill because she had no cash. Her wife ran away according to the worker in the restaurant.

Letoya and wife Lebo are in love, fans and followers were happy when they got married because they believe that they are in love with each other. People were asking, if Lebo loves Letoya, why did she leave her in the restaurant alone, knowing that she had no cash on her. Letoya called friends for some money, she asked if they could e-wallet her.The famous actress surprised a lot of people, others felt like they should be easy on her because it is totally normal to run out of cash. What do you think about this whole thing?

The actress is one of the greatest of all time in the entertainment industry, her character as Tshidi has made a lot of people fall in love with her.