Trevor Noah debuts Anele Mdoda’s son Alakhe on International television

Trevor Noah took the friends in high places phrase for the good when he shared a picture of his friend Anele Mdoda’s son Alakhe on US television. Alakhe Mdoda has been making the news recently and was even photographed with superstars because of his mother’s influence. Recently he had a lot of fun after visiting the United States of America, where he got to spend time with his now famous uncle Trevor Noah.

Trevor Noah shares Alakhe’s picture on The Daily Show
While hosting The Daily Show, Trevor commented about Russian president Putin escalating the Ukraine war. The host talked about how the president wins a lot of competitions every year in his country because his opponents let him. Trevor talks about how when parents let their children win everything, they grow up thinking they can not lose.

Watch Trevor Noah’s joke about Alakhe on International Television below:
TV: Anele Mdoda’s son “cameo” on US tv

Alakhe Mdoda made it to international television when Trevor Noah used his image in a joke about “his nephew” on The Daily Show.


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His guest on the show laughed their hearts out, and he goes on to say that he raced his nephew the past weekend. While he speaks, a picture of him and Alakhe is shared next to him, as he narrates how he did not let Alakhe win in their race. From Trevor’s account of events, he gave Alakhe a re-match and still did not let him win. To end his point, he says that Alakhe may have cried, but he won’t invade Ukraine in the future because he has learnt that sometimes he can lose.

Alakhe’s response to Trevor Noah
In response to the video, Alakhe took to his Instagram stories to share his response to the video clip in which he promised Trevor Noah that he is coming for him. While in America, Alakhe got time to hang out with International superstar Burna Boy when Trevor took him to the singer selling-out MSG celebrations. He even hung out with F1 drivers and shared the images on his Instagram page.

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