Tonight Zanele signs the affidavit conforming that she heard Faith confess to killing Busisiwe

Tonight Zanele will sign the affidavit confirming that she heard Faith confess to killing Busisiwe. Her decision has become a topic of conversation to many people on social media if whether she made the right decision or not.

Some replied that Zanele’s decision to throw her mother under the bus is because she wants to secure the bag. She knows that Faith is nothing without the Zwides.

Some replied that its wrong for Funani to be playing a victim as he is the one who orchestrated the whole mess. If he never cheated none of this would have happened.

Some replied that Zanele is wrong to turn her back on her mother. What Faith did is unforgivable but after all she is still her mother. She should protect her mother by any means necessary. She can’t turn her back on her mother just like that by putting her in prison.

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