Tonight On #Skeem Saam| The News About Lehasa Maphosa Has Mantuli’s Heart Acting Up Again

Tonight the news about Lehasa Maphosa has MaNtuli’s heart acting up again. Mantuli is finding it difficult to accept Pretty’s decision to go back to Lehasa. What Pretty did has her off guard. Pretty’s affair with Lehasa has really troubled Mantuli. This whole situation is just too much for her to digest. She never thought that Pretty would go back to Lehasa after what he put her through.

But sometimes the heart wants what it wants and Pretty is in love. Mantuli should just take this whole situatio easy and accept her daughters relationship with the man that she loves. After all Pretty is old enough to date whoever she wants without her mothers interference.

Mantuli should understand that Pretty is also a human being who makes mistakes like everyone else. Mantuli will never have peace until the day she let her kids be, allow them to make mistakes and live their own lives.