Today I Gained A New Mom” Collen Mashawana leaves Mzansi proud after giving a house to an old woman

Collen Mashawana, a well-known businessman, recently took to social media to show off the house he built for an underprivileged elderly woman. For those who are unaware, Collen has made a huge difference in people’s lives in Mzansi. This includes giving back to the community through his foundation. There are a lot of successful business owners in South Africa, but it is not everyone who is motivated to share their money with others.





With that being said, the house looked beautiful and he even bought furniture for the old woman. People couldn’t help but express how happy they were after seeing his tweet. Some were saying they wished he could assist them in funding their new businesses.

There’s a lot that people have had to say. Someone left a comment saying, “What you did for this old woman is beautiful.” Another one said, “Big up to you and your foundation.” See more of people’s reactions down below.

Share your thoughts on the comment section. What do you think about the house and people’s reactions overall?

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