TK Nciza and Lebo Phasha reportedly split ::: Engagement off?

Have TK Nciza & Fiancée Lebo Phasha Broken Up?: People get into relationships hoping for the best outcomes, but sometimes it doesn’t go the way they visualise or hope. They split and life goes on, without the tenderness of the past. Could this be the reality of South Africa’s TK Nciza and Lebo Pasha at the moment? That’s one question some South Africans have …
Have TK Nciza & Fiancée Lebo Phasha Broken Up? Was Published On Ubetoo #LeboPhasha #TKNciza South AfricaBusinessman and politician TK Nciza known for his prominent role within the African National Congress (ANC) in Gauteng and his fiancée Lebo Phasha have found themselves amid breakup rumours, stirring public curiosity and speculation.




According to controversial blogger Musa Khauwla, the couple has deleted pictures of each other on social media and Lebo has been spotted not wearing her engagement ring, adding fuel to the breakup rumours.

TK Nciza proposed to Lebo Phasha after being together for a while, there were previous rumours about Lebo allegedly snatching TK from his ex, Nhlanhla Mafu, which led to her being subjected to trolls in 2019.

In response to the alleged split between Tk Nciza and his fiancée, South African individuals have taken to social media platforms to express their reactions.

Among the remarks made, one user seems to compare the timing of the alleged split with the recent political developments, specifically referencing the loss of majority by the African National Congress (ANC).