Thuso Mbedu named on New York Times top best actor of 2022

Thuso Mbedu named on New York Times top best actor of 2022by Johana Mukandila
Multi-award winning actress Thuso Mbedu continues to rise as she shines on New York Times list of the 10 Best Actors of the Year.

The list was compiled by Wesly Morris and A.O Scott.

The writers talked about her role, Nawi in The Woman King movie and how she aced her role alongside the Oscars award wining actress Viola Davis.



The South African born star’s acting in the aforementioned movie gained her a spot on the list.

The New York Times writer and film critic and podcaster Wesley Morris said that the South African born star “Mbedu is awesome,” he wrote in the New York Times.

The podcaster added that, The Women King star Thuso Mbedu played her role super well, the writer explained:

“The part needs stamina: There’s lots of running, jumping, ducking, impaling. But Mbedu ensures that every thwack, knock and stabbing packs an emotional wallop. She doesn’t appear to be acting the battles. She’s performing the quest Nawi has embarked on — for both belonging and independence, guidance and trust.”