This is deep guys – No such thing as black tax – DJ Sbu speaks out

Local musician and businessman, Sbusiso Leope known as DJ Sbu has however said that helping out shouldn’t be looked at as black tax.




Here in South Africa, “black tax” is a norm. In most families, the hardworking and successful are stuck with the difficult task of making sure everyone else is taken care of. While looking after your family is wonderful, sometimes the expectations can be crippling.According to him, going back and helping those who sacrificed time and money to raise you, cannot be seen as a burden. Sometimes being financial stable and successful isn’t as great as it seems — especially when those closest to you start expecting more from you than you can give.Here in South Africa, most successful people are familiar with the term black tax which refers to an obligation or a deeply ingrained sense of family responsibility.Many have taken to social media to share just how hard it is to give up their comfortability to provide for the family. According to DJ Sbu, these people should not be complaining.In a new video, the businessman explained how turning your back on your roots and “the village that raised you” isn’t right.