Thembi Seete, Dj Tira and other worst dressed celebrities at the Durban July

The Durban July has returned! After a long two years of being delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic we finally got it back! This past weekend we got to see the over the top fashion return and it was absolutely amazing! Having said that, there were a couple of lows as well.







Here are some of the celebrities that I believe missed the mark this year.

1. Thembi Seete

I love Thembi Seete so much, she is a dedicated and talented woman who usually never misses. However, her interpretation of the theme left more to be desired. The two-piece outfit was not the right tone for her skin and the fit was little awkward, like it was tight in the wrong places. 6/10

2. DJ Tira

The resident DJ and all around vibe is one of my favourite producers. He is always trying something new and I commend him for that, however I deeply disliked his purple outfit for the event. It was just too gaudy and I couldn’t get over the black and white pattern at the top and the shoes. 5/10

3. Bontle Modiselle

Bontle is a television presenter, dancer and a choreographer who recently opened her own studio. When it came to her outfit though, I couldn’t like it. The lavender colour was a lot for the senses. The material looked too shiny and the gloves made the look overwhelming. 5/10

4. Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco

LaConco is a reality television star on Real Housewives of Durban. I want to say this is a rare miss from her. I think this green outfit had the right idea but the wrong execution. The visible white undergarments underneath was not great and the dress cut off her arm and chest in the wrong way. 4/10

5. Nonku Williams

Nonku is also Real Housewives of Durban with LaConco. They must have given each other the memo to miss the mark. Her yellow outfit reminded me of Somizi’s MVCA’s one. A yellow jumpsuit that has been saddled with a half finished dress just did not translate well. It looked odd and uneven. 4/10