The relationship between Mohale and Somizi has gone south after the two were reportedly to have separated.

For weeks now, there have been predictions that the couple have not been together as they now do things separately.

Recently, Somizi has also been spending more time with his bestie, Vusi Nova and Mohale has not been wearing his wedding ring like he used to.

News reports have surfaced claiming that Mohale has since moved out of the Dainfern home the two shared and has served Somizi with Divorce papers.

Although, the couple have not come out to say if the news is true or not as they have been pretending not to see all that have been going viral on their relationship.

However, it has been reported that Mohale has served Somizi with divorce papers as it looks like they are officially done with their relationship.

They both also admitted that the first year of their marriage was really a difficult one and it looks like things can not go back to normal again.

Mzansi are waiting to hear from them and hope they get back together in peace