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Rea encourages Funani to let go of all beefs on Ona’s behalf, he then shows up to help with the HOZ staff and professional models and Ona manages to pull off an epic fashion show.
Tuesday 13 February 2024
Episode 152









Funani reluctantly agrees for Faith to talk to Nkosi about crooking the books. Faith tells Nkosi that covering up with the auditors will help him get back into Funani’s good graces.
Wednesday 14 February 2024
Episode 153
Funani tells the Zwide employees that they’re going on half salaries and that Nkosi no longer works there. The Zwide staff are left wondering where the DTI money went.
Thursday 15 February 2024
Episode 154
While getting and heavy in his car, Neo tells Ona that he wants to sleep with her, but he wants it to be special. The Zwide employees struggle with the news that their salaries have been cut.
Friday 16 February 2024
Episode 155
Molefe realises that having his salary cut means he won’t be able to provide adequately for Dorothy and the baby. Meanwhile Rea puts on a strong front with her family.