Thando from Isencane Lengane shares devastating news to Siyacela leaving fans in disbelief

Thando by Isencane Lengane is about quitting her marriage. She’s only 17, but she’s already been married for two years and has had her marital difficulties discussed and scrutinized on social media.

Her narrative has enraged some South Africans, who believe she is too young to marry. They are apprehensive about her future, but Thando Msomi of Isencane Lengane fame claims that she has a plan.

She’s keen to point out that it doesn’t entail being in a polygamous marriage or caring for a man.




Thando (17) has been married to Siyacela Dlamuka (18) since 2019, and she says that while she is willing to assist him in getting his life back on track after he dropped out of school in grade 9, she is not prepared to be a sister wife or care for a guy.

This comes after he expressed his desire for a second wife on the Moja Love show.

“A guy should be the provider, and a woman should do this and that but should not be solely responsible for the upkeep of the household.” I don’t want to be in isithembu, either.

“I want to finish my matriculation and pursue a career as a social worker.” I can’t be a nurse because I don’t enjoy seeing blood, and I can’t be a teacher because I don’t like talking a lot, so I think a social worker would be the best option. “I also want to help people with their difficulties, and I believe that working as a social worker will allow me to achieve so,” she adds.

She understands the importance of social workers because they came to see her shortly before she married. They wanted to be certain that she was certain about her decision to marry at such a young age.

“I felt it was a decent idea at the time. I’m not so sure about him now that he’s changed.”

South Africans have been appealing with her to divorce her spouse on social media.

She claims she met Siyacela during a wedding. In 2016, she was a bridesmaid and he was a guest.

The pair resided in separate parts of KZN, and his father advised them to make their vows in front of the church and to limit their engagement to six months.

Siyacela has made it obvious on the episode that he has no intention of finding for work or returning to school. Instead, he wants to take a second wife, and his two wives will look after him jointly.

Many South Africans advised Thando to leave her cheating husband on social media, but she is undecided.

She claims she never anticipated her marriage to end up this way, and she would never advise her child to marry early.

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