Thando And Siyacela Dlamuka Where Are They Now?

If you’re a fan of the show “Isencane Lengane” and you’ve been wondering about the current whereabouts and circumstances of Thando and Siyacela Dlamuka, you’re in the right place. Here’s an update on what’s been happening with the couple and where they are now:

Thando and Siyacela Dlamuka gained fame through the reality TV show “Isencane Lengane.” They made headlines in 2018 when they got married at the tender ages of 16 and 15, respectively. The show documented their lives leading up to their controversial wedding.

Current Situation:
In a recent turn of events, Thando and Siyacela’s marriage appears to be facing significant challenges. Thando, the wife, seems eager to move on from the relationship due to her husband’s alleged infidelity and other issues.

Issues in Their Marriage:

Education and Employment: Siyacela has reportedly dropped out of school and remains unemployed. This has led to criticism from some South Africans who believe he’s holding Thando back.
Another Romantic Interest: Siyacela introduced another woman,



Disappearing Act: There were periods when Siyacela disappeared for months without any communication, leaving Thando in a state of distress.

Thando’s Pregnancy:
Thando dropped a bombshell by revealing that she is pregnant. This unexpected news has left viewers and fans shocked, as many had hoped she would have the freedom to move on from the relationship.

Siyacela’s Move to Durban:
Siyacela left Thando in Ulundi and relocated to Durban, where he spent most of his time with Manto. His intention to take Manto as his second wife further strained his relationship with Thando.

Thando’s Decision: Thando expressed her desire to focus on her personal life and education. She is determined to complete Grade 12 and pursue her own goals.

Reconciliation: In a surprising twist, Thando forgave Siyacela on a recent episode of “Isencane Lengane.” He presented her with gifts, including a teddy bear, roses, and candies. This act of forgiveness left many fans astonished, especially after Thando had previously expressed her desire to leave the marriage.

Thando and Siyacela Dlamuka’s journey has been a rollercoaster of emotions, challenges, and unexpected developments. Their story continues to captivate audiences, and it remains uncertain what the future holds for this young couple. As fans of “Isencane Lengane,” we can only watch and see how their relationship unfolds in the episodes to come