Thabiso Molokome is killing the part of Paxton, check out his interaction with Nakedi Maputhuma


Are you starting to like Paxton Kgomo yet?

It’s hard to believe that Paxton Kgomo had only been in our lives for less than a year, he has shaken things up so much.




Let’s count them

He desecrated the Turfloop sign 

He created a strike against Thobakgale

Hit his father with a brick and landed in jail.

Poured water over a teacher

Blinded Magongwa 

Had Mosebjadi handcuffed to a desk and  

Stole Mosebjadi’s story 

There’s a lot that irritates people about Pax,but there is also much to like,right?

He is an influencer

If he used his power to influence properly he would become such a great leader.

He is confident and headstrong and his looks also work to his advantage.

Paxton saw Nakedi Maphuthuma for the first time on Friday at Charles’s Spaza shop. The two shared a look and then Pax blushed.

These two were so cute at that time 

Is he going to break her heart?

He attracts a lot of trouble you know, but he must tread carefully because this girl’s father is Marothi after all.