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Pretty Summer Nail Art 2019 Ideas

Simple bordered nail design never goes astray. Bordered nails will look amazing in any color combo. They look gorgeous in grey and white, pink and white or black and red combo, also.Just like any other artists, nail art designers are easily inspired with the things that surround them.Cold winter days cannot pass without some cute snowflake nail design. To make those nails even more cuter and warmer, your base coat should be in pink and purple colors. Warm colors aren’t only reserved for spring and summer.Dark red is fall’s and winter’s must have color. When combined with gold studs and jewelry, you definitely have a winning nail design

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Design Nail Art Looks So Pretty 2019

Every new fashion expert invents latest designs when it comes to decorating nails. When the trends come out, girls start looking to shop the latest elements and start examining their creativity. This simple work demands a lot of skill. The trick is to buy the latest quality product and carefully use it on your nails. This season, say no to the darker shades, and go with light colors options which are floral and waterproof.

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30+ Pretty Acrylic Nails Designs To Try 2018

Acrylic nail designs are durable, look natural and can be filed to suit the shape you want. While acrylic nails will make you look beautiful, when done by a professional they will be comfortable and last longer. A professional will also be well versed with different acrylic nail designs hence can recommend the ones that will suit your lifestyle and personality. To keep your acrylic nails looking good for longer, get regular touch ups and keep them clean.

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Pretty Nail Art Ideas for 2018

Yes, the accent nail has become so accented for 2018, that it’s officially the only polish in a nonexistent manicure, almost like a midi-ring on a bare hand. To get the look, freehand a straight line across your accent nail (or use two pieces of tape to guide you) with a skinny-brushed polish, then paint all of your nails—yes, even the blank ones—with top coat.

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Pretty Nail Art Colors 2018

Before discussing the colors of nail polishes, I would like to suggest you some nail color brands that are very reliable and best ones. These are Red Carpet, RGB, nails inc. , O.P.I Nails Lacquer, Essie, t is. Red velvet and bloody colors will be very trendy in these winters. It will look so sexy with wool stuff clothes. You can choose many red shades of nail colors. I would like to recommend you some brands for awesome shades of red velvet colors. These are Esse, Le Vernis

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