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Get To Know More About Jub Jub’s Mother

Get To Know More About Jub Jub’s Mother

Mother’s are the most important people on earth as they would go through so much just to make sure that their children are okay and happy. It’s no secret that most children never got the chance to feel their mothers love, but those who got the chance will tell you that being loved by your mother is amazing.







here are so many children and even adults out long for their mothers touch, love just to hear their voices just one more time as death has separated them, hence it’s been said that you must appreciate your mother if she’s still alive.

Jub Jub’s mother is the kind of woman who was a pillar to all children who didn’t have parents in her community. Children at Diepkloof knew that there will always have a home where they can run to when life gets hard.

Jacqueline Ramohlola was known as “Mother Theresa of Diepkloof”, because she helped so many orphans and gave them a home when they didn’t have nothing.

Her other nickname is” Mama Jackie” opened a orphanage for children who didn’t have anything back in 1996. The love she had for children was behind the orphanage she opened. Although her childcare center in Diepkloof in Soweto was not registered, that didn’t stop her from helping those in need.

The problem started when she allegedly sold two children for R15 000 each to a couple from KwaMhlanga as they didn’t have kids of their own. Mama Jackie said that she didn’t sell the 6 year old and a baby boy to the couple, instead she gave those kids a warm home.

The couple decided to donate R30 000 to the orphanage so that Mama Jackie can continue to do a beautiful job by taking care of children. During her court case when asked what did she do with the money she explained how she bought food, clothes and paid transport for other kids.

The truth came out when the couple wanted to include those kids on. Their medical aid and it was discovered that the documents Mama Jackie gave the couple were forged

The truth came out when the couple tried to register those children on their medical aid. That’s when they realized the documents Mama Jackie gave the couple which were signed by a social worker were forged. She was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment with a 5 years suspension.

Inside ( Jub Jub’s mother ) Mama Jackie’s past crimes

Walking down memory lane! Those who had no idea that Jub Jub’s mother was also in the court of law and sentenced, then today you will know what she did.






“Mother following into her son’s footsteps”

That’s what most South Africans said after Jub Jub’s Mother was also arrested. One would wonder how is it possible that in a family two (2) people can be arrested, is it witchcraft as black people are capable of doing the Unthinkable to ruin a good family, or it’s because people think can do wrong and get away with it?

Jub Jub’s mother, Jacqueline Maarohanye, who is popularly known as Mama Jackie, is currently trending for her previous charges of kidnapping and assaulting her former Ithuteng Trust pupils.

IOL reported that she was convicted along with Generations: The Legacy actor, Ronnie Nyakale, who plays the role of Cosmo Diale on the SABC 1 soapie in February 2008.

One day I will write a thread about how Mama Jackie and the famous actor made us strip naked, roll on the ground and run because we were not singing loud enough for her. How she poured us with cold water using a hose pipe, all the sjambok beatings, the brutal punishments etc💔 https://t.co/scwJY7WW4X

Jub Jub’s mother, Mama Jackie, started trending after actress, Amanda Du Pont, revealed a few hours ago that she couldn’t report the rape case to the police at first because she was afraid of Mama Jackie.

“I’m afraid of the power your mother had.”

Du Pont’s statement led to tweeps digging on Mama Jackie’s past to find out who she is and why Du Pont was afraid of her.

The Los Angeles Times reported in December 2008 that Mama Jackie ran a school (The Ithuteng Trust) that ‘rescued’ orphans of political violence, and sexual abuse and gave them hope and education.

Carte Blanche exposed Jackey Maarohanye’s school by revealing that the students were not orphans and that Mrs Maarohanye scripted and rehearsed the student’s horror stories about how they had watched their parents die.

The learners told the United States publication that they were instructed to recount their fake stories at the United Nations and for former President Clinton in 2001, on U.S (United States) television and radio.