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7+ pixie cut for gray hair in 2017 top

Resulting completely eye-catching looks many think of modern touch ups and fancier solutions. If you are thinking of dying your tresses in a modern grey hair color, make sure to check out these new  It’s one of the best shades to match with a number of hairstyles and look more than just fashionable. In order to inspire you to be proud of your natural grey hair or reasonably go for a silver shade here we have collected  . Many women are timid of their first gray hairs and try to cover them up with permanent dyes. After seeing the following grey pixie hairstyles, you may completely change your opinion about grey locks

It will totally make you stand out of the crowd. Short pixie hairstyles for gray hair creates a younger look specially when the hair is healthy and shiny. Here are images of popular

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cute pixie cut short fringe 2017 go to

long fringes to more stylish look or with short fringes you will look cute yet chic. It is also a great option while growing out of a pixie cut. Before growing out your pixie make sure you have some fringe to make a growing process much more easier. Add some blonde highlights to give a healthy and shiny look to your hair.

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mohawk pixie cut trends 2017

inspired! Actually it shows that you cut the sides of your hair, leaving a line of hair, one the middle of your forehead towards the back of your head. Mohawk style has made its place in the fashion world quite quickly. However this hairdo is more popular

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top v cut hairstyle designs 2017

There are practically dozens of hairstyle designs for each hair type and length. Say, short hairstyles include a bob or a pixie cut. However, the V-cut and U-cut designs seem to compliment most of the hair types. The V-shape gives your hair a flattering shape as it is heavily

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pixie cut with side bangs 2017

side swept bang with pixie cut would be great for women with heath face shape. Long pixie cuts with bangs looks really cute yet stylish. Bangs will pop color of your eyes if you have blue or green eyes and dark hair color.

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