Braids Hairstyles 2019 for Black Women

Sweating and other water events can take up way to much time when it comes to preparation for our thirsty roots during this season.This is where the creative looks of box braids come in. The options of color, length and styles from this hair braiding method is a GOD send.

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cornrow braids hair styles 2018

It was really great reuniting with my precious friend. The day wasn’t complete without a touch of

style on her hair. I braided her hair about a week ago. More pictures below
You can have large in addition to micro braids, based on your pick. You can have large braids in addition to micro braids, based on your choice. It is also possible to braid all little cornrow braids into one enormous braid close to your nape.

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jazzy braids hairstyles for african-american 2017 2018

these are the easiest both to style and to wear. Imagine that instead of dozens of micro braids you will need to create just one dozen of huge kinky dookie braids. That will definitely change things and make life easier. Besides, such braids are easy to make a transition to an evening look from casual routine one. You can easily have them loose going to work, and get some updo to look more elegant at a cocktail at night.

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