Bonang in Dolce and Gabbana is a look for the ages at the MTV VMA’S

The South Africa presenter extraordinaire posted pictures of herself with a simple caption and we could see why. In that Dolce and Gabbana jumpsuit we could see why for ourselves. She has been making moves ever since she left earlier this year and she’s proving that she isn’t looking back at all.
Bonang’s VMA red carpet fail.




Bonang Matheba has long stated that her plan was to move to America and thank the heavens she was able to do this because America needed her! She is living all of soft life dreams and we’re living vicariously through her. How many stars have come up and faded over time without being memorable to us. Bonang is going to be a blueprint for the ages if she isn’t already.

Her life plans needs to be printed ASAP and I have a loose version of it in case someone wants to be like Bonang too:

• Pay your dues in the presenting game

• Find a catchphrase that will follow you long into your career (your girl B)

• Become a fashion influencer while you’re at it by nailing every carpet you’re on

• Associate yourself with a rising fashion designer to do the step above properly

• Climb the ranks until you’re dominating on radio and television as well

• Keep going until you get your own reality show

• Be classy throughout all your public break-ups

• Defend and protect your brand at all times

Those steps should get you somewhere right? The point here being that Bonang worked hard for many years and deserves the lavish life she’s living now. We can only hope that soon we’ll be seeing her at the Met Gala. It’s the logical next step. You can’t tell me she wouldn’t be flawlessly styled for that?

All we can say is thank you for serving this looks because we are eating!

What do think of this look for the VMA’s?

Thank you for reading! 😊

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