Stay Away From Zoleka Mandela’s Baby Daddy, Or This Will Happen To You Too

Zoleka Mandela, the 42-year-old granddaughter of Nelson and Winnie Madikizela Mandela, revealed her sixth pregnancy, around the end of 2021. She had also announced the name before giving birth. She had said that her sixth child’s name will be Zingce.

Zoleka had been dating her baby daddy for a few months and they appeared to be over over heels in love. She revealed that the pregnancy was completely unexpected. She claimed that she thought she was suffering from food poisoning. Only to find out it was due to pregnancy.

She has now given birth to a baby girl, and it seems as though her and the father of her child are going through some things. She has mentioned that they are no longer together, in not so many words. The father however, is also available to be the father. It can be seen through his Instagram posts. He posted a vid of his older daughter, and captioned that she will one day play with her little sister. It is visible that he is excited about the arrival of his newborn daughter with Zoleka.

His followers, almost on every post, keep mentioning that Zoleka has blocked them for following her baby daddy. Some have even said that they have never even commented on her posts. The baby daddy keeps advising them to create new accounts and follow her using those.