South African singer, Shekhinah announced that her younger brother survived a hit and run accident some hours ago, though he is in a critical condition.

Taking to Instagram, the star shared photos and a video of the boy who evidently loves skating and other sport activities.

In a short note attached to his snap, Shekhinah expresses gratitude that he survived the horrible incident, but he’s gone through lots of surgeries as his face got damaged.

She also appreciated everyone who’s financially supported him through a go-fund-me account.

“My baby brother was involved in a hit run a short few hours ago.. I’m so grateful he’s alive an well he has multiple surgery’s to undergo as extensive damage was done to his precious face ! Please pray for a speedy recovery for him we all love him very much ❤️ being far away from him is really torture but my mom is on her way to him ❤️ thank you to everyone who’s donated to his go fund me account and thank you to my friends for all their prayers my king is in a lot of pain and confusion right now but I’m confident God has a plan for him and I wanna thank the lord in advance for all he is about to do in his life,” she said.