South African Celebrity pen down a touching tribute to Prince of Soweto.

A South African Celeb, Bontle Modiselle, has taken to her social media to pen down a touching tribute to Prince of Soweto.

Bontle Modiselle is in mourning

A heartfelt obituary for Mbuso Kgarebe, also known as the “Prince of Soweto,” was written by Bontle Modiselle, a South African choreographer and media figure. Modiselle posted the obituary on one of her social media accounts.


Following the celebrity’s close friend’s passing, she conveyed her sorrow on social media by posting a few images of the departed.

Bontle expressed that it was difficult for her to find the appropriate things to speak at this time because she has not yet come to terms with the loss of an incredible person.

“It is difficult to find the appropriate words to say when you have not yet made sense of the loss of someone who was as magnificent as Mbuso was. “Was”. It breaks me heart to even think about writing in the past tense about your existence on this physical plane.

She went on to say, “You changed the course of history with your ability and presence.” You brought an incredible amount of fervor, power, protection, and respect to your work, in addition to a profound dedication to your profession. Always looking for more, so what comes after that? Everyone who had the privilege of working with you on “Hear Me Move,” where I first engaged with you, can witness to how fantastic of a person you were, both on and off-screen. I first worked with you on “Hear Me Move,” where I first connected with you. You effortlessly used some of my favorite expressions, and the combination of what you said and how you said it was what always captured my attention. Oh wow, what a terrible tragedy.

“In reality, you were a King in your own right, but we will remember you as the Prince of Soweto. Rest in Power Mbuso “Kgarebe Ka Langa,” also known as “Prince of Soweto,”