Sophie Ndaba is now reportedly dating Bushiris pastor.

Yes Sophie Ndaba is tranding again and this time is about her dating one of Bushiris pastors.

Former Generations actress Sophie ndaba found love in one of Bushiris pastors after her divorce with Max machaba, he is a businessman name Allen, Sophie Ndaba and Allen can’t get enough of each other as they have been together for less than a year.



Sophie Ndaba and Allen have been attending church events together and they gather along together and talk about God and Allen have been patient with Sophie ndaba, he knows what she have been through all this time.

Sophie ndaba stated that Lichaba cheated on on the best friend who is old enough to be Lechabas daughter, Sophie ndaba and Keith Harrington got married in 2011 December and got separated in June 2012, the actress also revealed then that the husband also cheated with one of his exes, the divorce was published to social media and everyone knew about it .