Sophie Ndaba has improved drastically, see her recent photos here!

Popular actress Sophie Ndaba is one of the celebrities who was bullied and laughed at for her unexplained weight throughout the years. Sophie Ndaba Announced that she is battling with Sugar diabetes. Former generations Star lost weight due to the the Sugar diabetes.

People created meme of Sophie Ndaba weight loss. People said since she got married she, things did not look good on her. Sophie Ndaba used to be a big woman while she was on generation but after being diagnosed with sugar diabetes, Sophie Ndaba lost a lot of weight. It happens to people with sugar diabetes, they can suffer from rapid weight loss. The actress added that her diabetes was uncontrollable hence the reason for unexplained weight loss.

When interviewed by Afternoon express, Sophie Ndaba slammed all the haters who were laughing at her weight. She said that people people doesn’t know how hurtful it is to lose half yourself and yet they think it is a joke.

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