Sophie Ndaba has been married three times, here are the guys she got married to

It was when she played Queen Moroka in Generations that she rose to fame. This isn’t the only show Sophie has been in. She has also been in shows like Yizo Yizo, Soul City, and more! The actress was married to Themba Ndaba, the father of her children, when she was a child. She later married another man. A TV show called The Queen made Themba famous. He is best known for playing Brutus in the show. They were married for almost a decade before they broke up.




Sophie went on to meet Bishop Keith Harrington, and they had a lot of fun. With Sophie’s friend and former colleague Connie Ferguson as her maid of honour, the two married in a very fancy way. After a few months, Sophie and Bishop’s marriage was already in trouble, and they were said to be splitting up. They reportedly broke up because Sophie was afraid for her life after Bishop said that she was seeing other men, and she didn’t want to die. As a result, the actress was said to be afraid because she thought he was going to shoot her, because he was said to have a low sense of self worth. They also have protection orders against each other. It was a long time before Bishop, who had already married someone else, said that his previous marriage to the actress was not a mistake, but there was dishonesty in it.

After Sophie was fired from Generations, she came back into the public eye and married businessman Max Lichaba. People thought that Sophie had found a good man because she wasn’t in good shape when she met him. She had told Max that she had a long-term illness that was making her lose weight, but he stayed by her side. In the end, it was revealed that the couple was splitting up due to claims that they had been abused in the marriage.

She was said to have been in a relationship with a pastor at Bushiri’s Church for a few months after she split from Max. I think it’s cool because it means that the actress is back to being happy again. This could also mean that the person is going to get married soon because they are a Christian.