Somizi’s reaction to Cape Town man standing up for racism

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo praises a young man called Christopher Logan for standing up against racism in Cape Town.

In a video Christopher is seen confronting the owner of a Whisky bar called Hank’s Olde Irish, which made rounds on social media and caught the attention of so many including the media personality Somizi.

Somizi has since reposted the video on his Instagram account and shared his thoughts about the incident.

He captioned the post saying:

“What this young man (Christopher Logan) did should has been done decades ago. But it’s never too late. Let’s protect him. Cause there are racists out there who are mad at him for this.”

The SA Idols judge added by saying:

“For this pub I am coming for some Irish coffee.. they have blocked tags,” he said.


Many people felt inspired by Somizi’s post as they opened up about their experience with racism.

One person commented saying:

“EMthatha back in the day there was a place called Tin Pan Alley, owned by Afrikaaners. I went there with my European friends. The vibe was nice until one of them got angry saying that they’re racists. I couldn’t understand a word because they were speaking Afrikaans and some of my friends were German and Austrian so they could hear. I was the only black there so they knew that the racist comments were about me. We left immediately. Later on in the night we came across an accident. One of those racist cows was in that accident. And we were all like “Oh Karma did the things very fast and very quick.”

And another user said:

“I experienced this yesterday at silver star casino….my 8 year old daughter tried to play with some white kids and they ran from her everytime she said hi….they ran went to play somewhere else mind you it’s a play area ….she was so down she came and said they don’t wanna play with me cos I’m brown…we left at 4 …at 8 pm she came to me and said mom am I too brown I said no her lips started shaking and she cried …I didn’t know it affected her so bad …I just thought it’s another day …but she was hurt ….not all of them are bad , we still have a long way to go through if 7, 8 year olds do it too.”

Along with another user who said:

“It’s such a messed up world we live in. We just moved to a new residential complex and I’m just about ready to move because it seems like it’s all white and terribly unfriendly; my son tried greeting (so jubilantly, thinking he’s about to make a friend) a Neighbour’s kid only to be blatantly ignored, by the parents too. He was so sad, I had to compose myself and comfort my kid. Like what are they so mad at us for? They already have it all, would it kill them to just acknowledge that we’re just as human as they are.”

“Black people are still suffering in our own country.”

It has been over 25 years since South Africa was declared to be a democracy, however, many South Africans are still experiencing racism in their own country of birth.