Somizi’s daughter Bahumi is a Nerd

It see it has come to light and somizi has a nerd for a daughter his daughter is his pride he is called a father because of her she is very grown Women at this time. She keeps her life very private not a lot of people knows what goes on in her life even when her father Somgaga is well know and a role model to many. Her life is very collected and her circle is very small for requires more time to her self.

She recently posted a picture of herself and she wrote nerd on the caption that even her fans were agreeing that indeed she’s a good nerd. Here is the picture she posted on Instagram that has been trending greatly. She is very beautiful and looks like somizi at some looks if you look at her very brightly you would sure see that this is one one of somizis looks too. Here is a picture of herself as she congratulates herself on the good things that keep on occurring in her life. The eye glasses sure make her look like a very God smart nerd for all times. Here are more comments from Instagram, as she posted that she’s a nerd and a lot of people agreed here are the comments screenshot that seem to be agreeing with her.