Somizi Mhlongo Shared A Beautiful Message With His Fans.

The South African media personality and actor Somizi have shared a beautiful message to his fans and followers in social media. Somizi Mhlongo another South African celebrity who is always open when it comes to life. He is known as a motivational speaker and also MC. Somizi is currently at the age of 50, but he has not stop living his life.




For those who have no idea who s Somizi, he is not new in the entertainment industry. He is known and loved by millions of people who are also following him in social media. Somizi have recently taken to his Instagram timeline where he shared a beautiful message to his fans. Somizi has revealed something that many people did not know.

Somizi always had a bathroom talk where he touched his different topic. He has been doing for years now. Somizi has told his fans and followers to stop sharing their plans before it happen. He was speaking about the people who can’t hold their plans to themselves and always share with different people. Somizi has mentioned that sometimes it is the people we share our plans that delay our prosperity. Somizi told his viewers that they should not share their plans until it is signed, sealed and delivered.

Somizi have just realized it now that his 50 years old, the importance of doing things secretly and in silence. He is one of the richest celebrities who have many businesses across the country. Somizi end his sensing saying that it’s never too late to be who you want to be.