Somizi Is Not Sorry And Will Not Apologise He does regret posting the journalists numbers though

Post main imageSomizi Mhlongo is not prepared to be bullied into apologising to two journalists after he swore and violated their privacy. In an 8 minute Instagram rant, he called the media to order and refused to be brought down to his knees to merely apologise for retaliating the way he did.

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Things have been a mess following Somgaga’s clap backs to two journalists from Sunday World and City Press. Kabelo Khumalo a Sunday World journalist approached Somizi Motaung- Mhlongo for comment regarding news that a season 2 of his cooking show, Dinner At Somizi’s, is halted, he went berserk.

Another one which made him extremely mad was a City Press journalist asking him to comment on the divorce rumours and allegations that Mohale cheated on him. The news was not received with grace from fans and many of them started attacking Mohale on social media and bullying him.

The enraged and frustrated Somizi wasn’t having it. He went and posted that journalist’s phone number publicly! His intentions were for his followers to harass her. The journalists and SANEF were outraged by this act and have asked him to apologize.
Even though his remorse is only limited to the fact that he made her number know, he said he does not regret it as he did it deliberately so she can feel how it is to be harassed.

He’s also furious that poor Mohale is getting so much undeserved hate now. Somizi ended the Live video saying that he doesn’t see why he should get on his knees and beg when it’s him and his loved ones who are suffering the most from this ordeal. He only apologized for sharing the number only.