Somizi bombs confused Man who asked how he and Mohale do it in the bedroom

A troll recently hijacked Mohale Motaung-Mhlongo‘s Twitter post to push his homophobic agenda, but husband Somizi wasn’t about to let the troll get his way and he put him in his place with a clap back.

Mohale posted a snap of himself and his hubby wearing shorts and embracing spring over the weekend. While most people commented about their yummy looking legs, one troll had a very personal question about the couple’s intimate life that he felt the need to ask.

“I’m confused here. Who f***s who when things are like these men?” the troll asked in isiZulu.

Somizi saw the comment under his bae’s picture and was obviously like:

Somizi opted to respond in isiZulu and English for effect when he clapped back at the troll, who certainly didn’t anticipate such fire from the Idols SA judge.

He asked the troll why he’s so interested in their s.e.x life, and went on to say that perhaps the tweep wanted one of them to give him some.

“It’s simple bafo isho ukuthi ufuna ukub***** hubani phakathi kwethu … ngoba le****e olibuzayo alizukwisa ndawo … and don’t tell me you are straight because no straight, smart guy would be so invested in homos.e.xual s.e.x life. Please don’t choose me as you can see the type of guys I’m into,” he said, leaving the TL heated with his comment.

it’s simple bafo isho ukuthi ufuna ukubhejwa hubani Phakathi kwethu…..ngoba lesende olibuzayo alizukwisa ndawo…..and dont tell me ur straight coz no straight smart guy wud be so invested in homosexual sex life…..pls dont choose me as u can see the type of guys I’m into

— somizi somGAGA (@somizi) September 13, 2020

Needless to say, bafo was nowhere in sight after SomG clapped back.

Somhale fans were here for the spice Somizi served!