SkeemSaam:Is Melita Pregnant? Find Out Here

Mr Kgomo let Ivy know that he needs a child, then Ivy just giggled at him and let him know that he can’t be serious about this. At their age Mr Kgomo needs to have a child. He is going to resign from his work, presently he needs a child.

I think this is a method of Mr Kgomo to cover his deceiving outrage with Melita. He will let Ivy know that Melita will be the one giving him a youngster. That’s what he knows whether Ivy learns about Melita then their marriage will be finished.

He should simply accept Melita as his second spouse since he maintains that her should have his child. Melita will spend his annuity cash and it will mean the demise of him. He should ask that his arrangement works since he will lose his employment, Melita and his better half.

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