SkeemSaam : Babeile found Kele’s bones in Magongwas Garden

Babaile needs to win this one and I believe that he will before long take care of that regrettable psycho Rathebe soon. I have confidence in him, he will track down reality.

Whenever Rathebe first came to Turf she behaved like she is superior to everybody and going to address every one of the cases. Later on she transformed into an entertainer and making jokes. That is the point at which I understood that this one had her main goal complished.


Rea will not permit it, Hopefully she won’t kill him. I think Rathebe lost somebody she cherished beyond all doubt because of a man that is the reason she can’t stand man

I dont like how Lewatle and Pax are treating Charles child. Lewatle generally shiff the fault and pull off it, she’s to be sure a cop’s little girl.

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