Skeem Saam:Is Lehasa Going To Wake Up And Tell The Police The Truth?

They are a great deal of responses occurring via virtual entertainment after the occurrence that occurred on Monday, we’re Khwezi wounded her life partner in the chest and wound up battling for his life at the emergency clinic, yet the fundamental circumstance was the means by which the police responded to this issue.





Since Khwezi has outlined Pretty about this which is something that has left many individuals in tears, in light of the fact that the blameless individual is currently in jail while Khwezi is professing to be the one that has been keeping locked down in her home by Pretty on Monday.

Yet, watchers accepts that Lehasa’s uncle by the name of Phomolo is the main individual that can help Pretty to defend himself, since he realizes that Lehasa was having quality time with her that time, while Khwezi planned to visit her folks during the end of the week which is something that can chip away at the blessing of Pretty.

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