Skeem Saam Sonti Has Entered Miss South Africa Competition

Because of this, the idea of Mrs. South Africa was received with open arms because it would allow people to fulfill their childhood fantasies and enter a realm that they would not have been able to enter as singles or when they were younger. As one of the finalists for Mrs. South Africa, Pearl, an ex-actress from Skeem Saam, is one of those people who finally gets to fulfill the aspirations she had as a child.




The good news was shared by Pearl on her Instagram page, where she also asked people to follow her new page, “Pearl Nikolic-Semi-Finalist 2023.”

God did it! Permit me to reintroduce myself, kindly. Semi-Finalist for Your Mrs. South Africa in 2023! “For all my #selfdiscoveryjourney with Mrs. South Africa #everywoman #MrsSouthAfrica, please follow my new Facebook page, Pearl Nikolic-Semi-Finalist 2023,” Pearl wrote.

Pearl is already a winner because she beat out so many other hopefuls for the title of beauty queen in the pageant. Because, despite having two children, people have long maintained that Pearl has the body of a beauty queen, her post made a lot of sense.

“Yes!,” tweeted @poppydextras in response to Pearl’s post. From the queen to the crown, we are behind you. Christ, who gives us strength, can help us accomplish anything. “Do your magic queen, @mirriam15.”