Skeem Saam: Pretty’s Love For Lehasa Renders Her Both Banished And Homeless

On the 27th of June 2022, fanatics of the SABC 1 television soapie were perched as eager and anxious as can be the point at which the circle of drama between Pretty, Lehasa and Khwezikazi headed spiraling in paths many didn’t anticipate.

The seven day stretch of the 27th saw the unfair capture of Pretty Seakamela who was being blamed for cutting her darling, Lehasa, and holding his life partner, Khwezi, prisoner. Nonetheless, every one of these were violations dedicated by Khezi herself, who then tied herself up when she heard the police thump, to cause it to seem like Pretty was the genius behind everythig that had unfolded. Fans are left thinking about what will occur close to Pretty Seakamela as her family was cautioned by police and her troubled mother was in dismay and trying to claim ignorance toward the episode’s end.

With the eleventh time of Skeem Sam debuting on the first of July 2022, Pretty Seakamela will end up without a home when Khwezi strikes once more. The report about Lehasa will set off Mantuli’s heart conditions in the future and Khwezi’s arrangement surprises her when it misfires. Khwezi will then, at that point, start dealing with plan B when she finds new data.

Meanwhile, Mantuli will toss Pretty’s effects out of the house and Lehasa will demand to see his darling after awakening. Mantuli will strugge to pardon her little girl, as usual, meanwhile Khwezi plans to totally polish off Pretty. Furthermore, Pretty and Lehasa will be shocked when they look into Khwezi’s pregnancy. Curiously, Detective Peterson will end up putting sleeves on Khwezi. Following this, Lehasa will devise a deadly arrangement that will forever dispose of Khwezi and Pretty will pursue a choice that will stun her whole family.