Abandoned: Man who abandoned 2 wives and 12 children back in 2002 returns home

Abandoned is a show on Mzansi Magic hosted by the humble and beautiful Phumeza Mdabe. She helps people reunite with the parents who left them behind and it always a teary reunion. However, this final episode was quite the doozy.

A man with 2 wives and 12 children decided to runaway.

There’s a phrase in IsiZulu that describes Johannesburg as the “banging walls”, meaning the place where things are always raving. There is always a way to have fun. This is likely the thrill that lured Monyabisi to leave his huge family behind. He left without ever to return and left them in a poverty stricken environment.

It seemed quite callous to act this way. But I’ve noticed the men on the show never see anything wrong with what they’re doing/done. He was welcomed back but it didn’t sit well with me. He avoided responsibility and had a vague reason for leaving behind his family.

He also avoided meeting his son, choosing to instead make his way to the home he hadn’t stepped foot in for 20 years. It wasn’t the actions of someone who was oblivious, he knew what he was doing.

Social Media Response

People were not happy with how Loyiso was treated by his father.

One viewer wrote, “I dont trust this man, how do u stay away from ur family for so long, #AbandonedMzansi”

One user wrote, “The father has 12 children, 5 from 1st wife. 7 from 2nd wife. I hope they find him & he agrees to show his face.#AbandonedMzansi”

A final user wrote, “Dear Parents Abandoning your children leaves a void which can never be filled 💔#AbandonedMzansi”