Skeem Saam| Lizzy tried her best to save her mother but she didn’t listen

Lizzy has been outsmarted by Luc when he told her mother that she gave her the money to lie about Mr Kganyago. Lizzy gave Luc the money to bribe him. Lizzy did the wrong thing about by giving Luc the money, but he also didn’t take it.

Lizzy is out of options now, her mother is taking Mr Kganyago and Luc’s side. This looks like a done deal because Jacobeth is about to get cleaned out. Her money will be gone in no time, there will be no wedding and probably losing her house as well.


Viewers are even tired of Jacobeth and Mr Kganyago, because their storyline has been dragged for too long. Lizzy should focus on her life right now, her mother will call her once she needs her help. Lizzy should know that Mangaliso is back.