Skeem Saam: Kwaito Told MaNtuli About Pretty’s pregnancy

Pretty ends up stuck in a tight spot subsequent to discovering she is pregnant with Lehasa’s child.

On last week’s scenes, watchers saw a development when Pretty Seakamela discovered that she was pregnant with Lehasa’s child.






This follows her unexpected substantial changes which proposed that she may be pregnant. Eunice, who’s her closest companion on the show encouraged her to get a pregnancy test to affirm whether she was pregnant.

In the midst of looking into her pregnancy, she needed to rapidly discover an answer – more like somebody to nail the pregnancy to other than Lehasa.

She likewise faulted Eunice for being pregnant. Keeping up with that she was the person who constrained her to go to a pre-arranged party which brought about her wound up in bed with Lehasa.

Pretty attempted as well as could be expected to make her ex, Kat, answerable for her pregnancy however her arrangement was immediately smothered when Candice disclosed to Kat that Pretty could be pregnant. Thus, Kat disclosed to Pretty that they should cut all ties, with her sibling Kwaito constraining her to erase his number.

In around evening time’s scene, Pretty will fall back on a choice which will influence the remainder of her life.

In the forthcoming scenes, Eunice will discover that Pretty said something regarding her in a bid to save her own skin. Eunice will likewise proclaim a dim mystery.

Later on, Pretty’s mysterious will be out of the wardrobe and she will make a stunning admission to her family. She will then, at that point be compelled to settle on exceptionally firm choices corresponding to her unborn kid.

And afterward at last, she will attempt to connect with Lehasa who’s probably her child’s dad. Be that as it may, true to form, he will level out deny all charges of making her pregnant. This is particularly in light of the fact that he will be involved with Nothile.

Paying no brain to what one evening of blamelessness might have brought into his and Pretty’s life, apparently his new relationship will before long be obfuscated with many difficulties originating from his past activities.

All in all, what will pretty do? Will she keep or cut short the child? Stay tuned!