Skeem Saam: Kgosi called Pretty and told her that she should stay away from Lehasa

In the morning, Pretty recieved a call and it was Kgosi. He told her that she should stop talking to Lehasa because she is distracting him. He hung up while Pretty was talking. Pretty called Lehasa and he was happy to receive a call from her. She asked him about Khwezi’s baby. Lehasa told her that Khwezi’s baby is fine but Khwezi might be in danger. He told Pretty that they went to the doctor and the doctor told them that Khwezi might give birth earlier than expected.

Pretty told Lehasa that he should stop blaming her when things don’t go according to plan. Lehasa asked her what was happening. Pretty told him that Kgosi called her and told her that she should stop calling Lehasa. Lehasa told Pretty that she should not listen to anything that Kgosi tells her. Pretty told him that he should not involve her in his mess.