Skeem Saam| Jacobeth threatens to beat her daughter up and Mr Kganyago loves it in the background

Jacobeth is tired of Lizzy

Jacobeth feels like her daughter is making her relationship with Kganyago very difficult, because she keeps on interfering. All Lizzy is doing right now is to protect her mother, bust she is doing it in a wrong way. She must just investigate Mr Kganyago without him suspecting anything.


Jacobeth threatens to beat her daughter up for a man. Jacobeth and Lizzy’s relationship has changed so much because Jacobeth keeps on choosing her man over and over again instead of her daughter. Mr Kganyago loves it when Jacobeth puts her daughter in place.

At the moment it seems like Mr Kganyago is waiting for Jacobeth’s pension then he disappears. I wonder why Lizzy still lives with her mother because if Mr Kganyago disappears, she will blame Lizzy for everything. Mr Kganyago really broke the relationship that Lizzy had with her mother and it is not good at all.