Skeem Saam actress waves goodbye to both her folks. “Who will I go to for comfort?” So sad

Losing both parents is always so painful. When they are both gone, we lose pillars of strengths and the people we run to for comfort when we need shoulders to cry on. Eventually we tend to say it was God’s will that they passed on…what can we say?

Our thoughts and prayers are with the sports presenter and people’s favourite drama Skeem Saam’s actress, Amanda Manku. Just the past week she lost a very important person in her life. She announced it even though she never elaborated in full details. This morning, however she did open up a little on Twitter about her loss. Amanda apparently lost both her mother and grand mother at the same time.

She uttered the most saddest words that can make even people who are not emotional cry.

“One thing my mother always told me, is to stop posting about my problems but right now, it’s hard. I want to vent! I want to understand.

How can I lose my mother and grand mother at the same time? Who will I go to for comfort? For advice?”.