Skeem Saam Actress Mokgadi Is Told That She Looks Ugly In Real Life

Pebetsi MatlailaActress Pebetsi Matlaila who plays as Mokgadi on SKeem Saam on SABC1 took to her followers through a video on Instagram to share an incident that happened that she thought was funny. In a video she posted of herself telling the story, the heavily pregnant actress explained how she had went out to get food to feed her cravings.
Pebetsi said just as she was about to leave, she noticed that her parking ticket was missing and went to the parking lot to search for it ,but because of the baby bump it was hard for her to look for it .she then resorted to asking the guard for help.The guard quickly picked and recognized her and said,” I think I’ve seen you somewhere…..are you Mokgadi from SKeem Saam.” He went on to ask “why on TV you look prettier than I see you now?”.