Skeem Saam actor Bongani Masondo, popularly known as Babymaker will be returning to the drama this week, Friday 23 July 2021

Bongani Masondo is a South African actor greatly recognized for his starring position as Bafana “Prince” Shabalala withinside the SABC1 drama collection Tshisa, from 2006-2012. Tshisa was his first debut tv appearance. Bongani grew up in Spruitview and knew that financial sciences wasn’t his actual calling in life. He appeared on other several TV shows in Mzansi including Skeem Saam.

On Skeem Saam he was popularly known for the character he played as Mangaliso who was Lelo Mtheyane’s baby daddy on the show. Skeem Saam actor Bongani Masondo, who plays the role of Mangaliso, left the popular SABC 1 soapie after the show’s producers allegedly failed to agree to his salary demands.

It’s been quite some time since we last saw him on television and it seems like he will be making his way back on the show and on the same show we last saw him on. It was shared by that the actor will be making a return this July.

“#babymaker is coming back. Remember the teaser on www.xploremzansi says Leeto will host a divorce party at the end of July. Oh wow, we will be seeing a lot of new faces on the part. We know Babymaker from Seasons 3 to 5 and he returns with Lord of the Flies and the Jazzmeister to whoop with Leeto. First seen again on 23 July.”

What do you think of this talented and incredible actor who has been gracing our screens with his extremely extraordinary acting skills which are also out of this world and mind blowing? A lot of people cannot wait to see him in action. This is going to be absolutely so much fun and interesting, surely you have been wishing to see more of him on television.

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