Sjava’s PR Team Is Working Overtime Seems like they are recouping all the lost income.

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Sjava’s 2020 was the epitome of what the year was for many, a tumultuous time that was not planned for and required for all of us to adapt. Moreover, like most of the events of the past year, the “Umqhele” hit maker’s woes of the year were predicated by the tail end of 2019 and reached its peak in 2020.
The most contentious matter that Sjava carried into 2020, was the matter of his then ongoing relationship issues with the-one-that-shall-not-be-mentioned-in-the-same-article with the musician. At the time matters were reaching boiling point with allegations that Sjava was not only a toxic partner; but a man that had basically groomed the-one-that-shall-not-be-mentioned-in-the-same-article through sexual assault and emotional abuse.

Considering the political climate of the time, Sjava had to deal with constant blackballing in the media as his brand was too hot- and not in a good way- for business and brands to associate themselves with. This resulted in a certain loss of income, which might have been the reason that the 1020 Cartel music label owner needed to move back home.

But after his criminal charge brought forward by the-one-that-shall-not-be-mentioned-in-the-same-article were thrown out of court, it seems that the musician realized it is time to re-establish his brand. First, he released an EP, “Unsembenzi” that has continued to get favorable reviews from industry insiders and the public. The EP has been the cornerstone of establishing his return to mainstream popularity and dominance.

Recently, the star went back to acting and it was only this year that his acting started taking shape, due to the blackballing he faced from broadcasters last year. Currently, he is part of the new cast members joining the hit telenovela, eHostela. Moreover, with his now clean record- and his need to secure bags that were missed in 2020- it seems that this is only the beginning.

Recently, Sjava was the celebrity guest on SABC 1’s “Mzansi Insider.” During his interview he reflected on the previous year, admitting that despite starting his climb up to mainstream dominance that he still needs to fight of the constant rehashing of his saga with the-one-that-shall-not-be-mentioned-in-the-same-article.

The interview and the suggested affinity that Sjava has with the public, resulted in the musician trending as people lauded him for his music. It seems that social media is willing to forgive, especially with the matter now having been settled- well, kind of- by a court of law.