Siyabonga Radebe focuses on getting better

Former Uzalo actor Siyabonga Radebe made headlines in December 2022 after the news that he was mentally ill went viral. A confirmed source reported that Siyabonga’s mental health was in a bad state. He was once seen wandering around naked at the mental facility. According to a source inside the hospital, Siyabonga appears to be mentally disturbed. However, the actor revealed that he is recovering at home after spending two months in the hospital.




Siyabonga Radebe
Siyabonga Radebe: Image source @Instagram
Siyabonga’s mother also disclosed that he was not mentally sick but suffering from depression. Talking to news reporters Siyabonga’s mother said:

“He is here with those who love him unconditionally. We are taking care of him, and although he is taking a long, he is getting there. It will be such a long way.

My son’s depression has reached a dangerous stage. The entertainment industry destroyed him and messed up his future, but he won’t leave it because that’s where his passion is.

Siyabonga wants to be alone most of the time. I know he will not kill himself, he never talked about that or attempted to do it, but we can not chances. We will make sure he is not alone”.

Siyabonga Radebe
Siyabonga Radebe: Image source @Instagram
Although Siyabonga is getting better, his mother firmly believes that he falls into depression because of his entertaining career. The former Uzalo actor is also set to feature in the upcoming film Taxi Bosses which focuses on the violence in the taxi business. Taxi Bosses film was shot before Siyabonga was admitted to the hospital in December 2022.

Siyabonga Radebe also commented about his sickness and talked about how he is slowly recovering.

I’m feeling much better, but I will have the courage to speak out when I’m fully recovered.

A lot has happened, but wait for me to fully recover then, I will speak. For now, I’m focusing on getting better. That’s all l can say.